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Taj and I are a family with 5 children. For years we have known that this is something we wanted to do. My brother is co- founder of Plan B and Owner of both Rooster Co. (farm to table) and Flora (vegan). He’s been an inspiration as to the simplicity of just being passionate about something and rubbing pennies together is a magic of its own. We learned after kids that watching expenses was key and Taj has been servicing our cars forever! It really is his passion and he Ioves people and takes pride in being helpful. I have joked with family and friends – we may just “give everything away”.
We have the only boy of the 5, AJ who is 19 helping us with reaching the community. Our first big and exciting goal is to raffle a 2010 Nissan Sentra. Raffle tickets will be $10 and proceeds after we meet cost will be donated to Plainville High PTO.
I’ve gone through years in and out of my level of involvement in our schools PTO’s. I have seen how hard they work and show truly selfless the parents involved are. Maybe someday we can do something similar in Newington where we reside BUT right now we want to show our community here we are excited to be here and are first and foremost thankful to have found such a great  location.
Our children are 20(APRN at UCONN- Becca Bernardo, AJ (19- will greet you at Whiting and is a pro-wrestler and travels New England’s weekends as Zane Bernardo, twin girls Kira and Ava who are in 4th and play lax and violin and viola. And – sweet Kalli… I’m baby 5- she loves her acro dance and is in 2nd grade. (We also have a dog and a cat… Harley and Thomey … I wrapped him for Christmas in paper😂)7

This IS our dream.
We are also so thankful to our Landlord Denise Mongillo whose family has had businesses in Plainville for years. Her story and her heart are just incredible. One of the first times we met I was telling her how much I missed real Italian ragu … next day at then shop – a complete spread… and fresh bread- fresh mozzarella tomato and basil.